Affordable Canadian web hosting services!

Web hosting is a necessity in today’s world, and many business owners in Canada are beginning to realize that without a virtual presence – their company will have no future. That is why websites are popping up on all sides, and we at cetas.net can provide you with the best web hosting services for Canada. Our headquarters are located in Canada, and we have a long-lasting history in the business. Also, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and that is why we continuously invest in improvements of our technology so that our clients can receive top-notch hosting products in the end.



I have a relatively small retail business, and I was in urgent need of a website with e-commerce feature installed. The guys at cetas.net were extremely helpful, and they guided my company into a new age, which is the reason why I will be forever grateful to this hosting provider. Their sense of humor and professional attitude impressed me, to be honest, and that is why it was very nice working with them on this project.


Since I have zero experience when it comes to servers and website development, I was looking for a company that can help me with this issue. Fortunately, a friend recommended cetas.net, and after reviewing their references, I quickly realized that this is the perfect provider for my needs. When we came in contact, things were even better, and they were very attentive, and their employees carefully listened to all my wishes and requirements. In the end, I now have a great website, up and running perfectly!


Web hosting is a delicate and complicated matter, but people at cetas.net make it seem like everything is a piece of cake for them. Perhaps it even is since their team is highly qualified and it was a pleasure working with them. We were partners on several projects and whenever my agency needs a professional and reliable web hosting – we turn to cetas.net to provide us with the perfect solution. Their service is fast, and they react immediately, which is beneficial in today’s fast-paced market.


Working with cetas.net is an enjoyable activity, and I loved setting up my site with their help. In fact, they were doing all the work, and I only had to cherry pick the features that I wanted to have when it comes to hosting. They have the best offer by far, and since my business is still growing – I always look for ways to save a few bucks here and there. Luckily, web hosting provided by cetas.net is reliable and safe, which is exactly what my company requires.


The previous provider of web hosting services that my company used was not operating in a reliable and professional manner, and we had a lot of problems and frustrations with bandwidth, downtime, and so on. One day we decided that enough was enough and that we need to make a change. A lot of people recommended cetas.net, and we made a decision to give them a shot. It’s been almost five years since that moment, which means that we are more than happy with the web hosting services that they provide.


I run a small team of web developers and designers, and you could say that we are a well-oiled machine and everything runs smooth. However, the guys at cetas.net are way out of our league, and they are operating in an incredible manner. That is perhaps the reason for their efficiency, and we all know that you cannot achieve anything without a good system. They have enough experience and years of accumulated knowledge so that they can quickly adapt to any client.



We at cetas.net are perfectly aware of the economic situation in our society, and that is why we offer a highly affordable price for our web hosting services. Of course, all the hardware and data centers that we use are not coming for free, but our primary advantage over other web hosting providers is that we can provide you with a cost-effective solution. In other words, you will get the best bang for your buck. Furthermore, our latest technological solutions will allow you to grow your website in the future, if necessary, and this means that you can scale your site in a seamless and elastic manner.


Cutting-edge technology is a must in this business, and cetas.net can provide individuals and corporations with state-of-the-art solutions and services. However, we are always trying to keep things simple, and that is also one of the reasons for our affordability. Additionally, we promise to give you your money back in case you don’t like our services, and all of these advantages are making cetas.net one of the best web hosting providers in the market.





Shared hosting

Our most affordable option is also the one most people use, and shared hosting offers a lot of benefits to potential customers. Economical and easy to use, shared hosting can be the perfect solution for your personal website or any portal that does not experience high levels of traffic. Our selection of offers for this type of hosting starts off with only $10 per year and this includes up to 20 GB of SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, up to 3 domains, and so on. In case you need the shared hosting for your site – do not hesitate to contact us!

Dedicated hosting

Unlike the shared hosting, where several users are located on the same hardware, dedicated hosting means that you will have an exclusive “ownership” over a server. With this type of hosting, your site can process enormous amounts of data, and that is why mission-critical operations and highly popular portals are using this type of service. We use only the latest technology in our data centers to ensure complete reliability and redundancy, and this means that we guarantee network uptime of 99.9%. CPU that we use is Xeon X3 with four cores, and clients can get incredible storage space, and various other features if they choose this service.



Virtual Private Servers are the latest trend in the web hosting technology, even though this method has been present for a couple of years new. Cloud storage is more and more attractive, and VPS system that we provide is relying on an advanced method of XEN Hypervisor technology. What this means is that your website will receive a superior method of hosting, and this fact will allow it to become fast and highly responsive. High-performance networks will also help with this process, and with a remarkable ease of use – you will be perfectly satisfied if you select VPS as your preferred hosting option.



Since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products and services, and your expenses will be fully refunded if, for some reason, you do not stay with us. However, we are highly confident that the quality of our services will simply “force” you to stay, and that is why our refund policy is so direct and even generous. With no hidden fees or penalties, we will pay you back in case circumstances change and you decide that you no longer require our hosting services.