About us

About us

Ever since our humble beginnings all the way back in 2002, we were always striving for perfection, and our credo is that only top-notch services can attract clients and make them loyal. Honolulu may not be the world’s most famous web hosting community, and that is why our early days were tough, but struggle makes you stronger. We survived all the challenges, and that is why we want to inspire others and help them achieve their dreams. For instance, young companies and small businesses need websites, no question about that, and we offer highly affordable hosting options for them to upload their files and run their virtual presentation.

Our services include all sorts of products, including free domain registration, website builders, large disk space, unlimited bandwidth, Ad Management and E-commerce tools, and so on. Our range of products makes us a one-stop shop for any corporation or an individual who may need a new site, and guaranteed performance of our hosting options is one of the reasons why so many customers come knocking at our doors. Over the years, we made impressive progress, and you should be a part of our long list of success stories!

Our Team


Tim is our Chief Operations Officer, and you could say that he is the one in charge of everything that is going on in our offices. He is a seasoned IT professional and all those years of experience are allowing him to guide our ship into the right direction.   


Our young Janie is the youngest member of our team, but she is a qualified Systems Manager, and she handles all her tasks with ease. IT architecture can be a bit challenging, but Jane’s enthusiasm and efficiency are simply overpowering any obstacle, and she even motivates the rest of us with her character.


Mike is the one who takes care of our clients and their satisfaction, and that is why he has a crucial role in our collective. Also, he is a marketing specialist, which also helps in his relations with customers and he significantly boosted the popularity of our brand.


Last but least, our Chief Network Technician – Ben, and he is the one who takes care of servers and connections. His role in this company is enormously important, and that is why we appreciate his efforts and expertise. In return, his sense of humor and commitment to work are making us all proud for having him on board for almost ten many years.